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Green for wellbeing

August 29,2017
Zoe Myers

One in five Australians will suffer from a mental health issue this year and living in a city makes it far more likely. Research shows that city dwellers have a 20% higher chance of suffering anxiety and an almost 40% greater likelihood of developing depression.


mental wellbeing

Alzheimer's disease

November 03,2016
Catharine Paddock

Alzheimer's disease accounts for the majority of dementia cases among older adults. Dementia is where - due to progressive changes in the brain - a person's capacity to think, remember, and reason gradually diminish. At first, the symptoms of dementia are mild and har...


Sound perception and the importance

October 31,2016
Tim Newman

During a football match, if we hear someone shouting at the top of their lungs, we might not be particularly perturbed. However, if we heard the exact same shouting while reading in a library, our reaction is likely to be significantly more intense. Scientists have lo...


New research to explore link ..

October 04,2016
Trinity College

Could the key to unlocking the secret of motor neurone disease lie in the collaboration between two small island nations, Ireland and Cuba? Researchers from Trinity College Dublin are heading to Latin America to begin a major new research project which will examine wh...


Spinal manipulative therapy

October 03,2016

Manual-therapy randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are difficult to perform because it's challenging to conceal a placebo when patients are able to physically feel a treatment that's being delivered. Now, though, researchers have successfully completed the first manua...


Migraines may increase risk

September 27,2016
John Murphy

People who have migraines or other headache disorders may be at greater risk for developing hypothyroidism, according to a study published online September 27, 2016 in Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain. But the researchers have yet to discover how the two di...


Elephant Tranquilizer ODs

September 27,2016
Kristina Fiore

Lundbeck's 5-HT6 receptor blocker idalopirdine for Alzheimer's disease bombed in the phase III STARSHINE study, missing the primary endpoint of reducing cognitive decline as measured by the ADAS-Cog. The failure also spelled bad news for Axovant's 5-HT6 candidate inte...


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