Propose an Issue

Propose an Issue

ThinkersHub Journal invites proposals for "Special Issue" from noted academics, researchers and professionals. The proposals must be in the scope of the journal.

Before submitting a formal proposal, we strongly encourage you to send a presubmission inquiry prior to any formal manuscript submission.

In your email, please include the following:

  • Title of the proposed Special Issue
  • Goal of the proposed Special Issue
  • How your issue is novel and how it would advance the research field
  • Background of guest editors (one paragraph for each editor)
  • Background of the proposal (e.g. colloquium, conference, special invitation)
  • Relevance to current research
  • Projected readership
  • Title and 200-word abstract for each paper
  • a list of potential contributors and subject areas/paper titles.
  • Expected date of completion
  • No additional documents required (CVs, conference literature, etc.)

A special issue may be proposed to cover the papers, discussions, case studies and speeches on a conference, symposium or panel.

If the proposal is accepted, you will be invited to work as the "Leading Guest Editor" for your special issue by the Editorial Board.

Responsibility of Leading Guest Editor

  • Write a one-page call-for-papers and get it approved by the editor-in-chief.
  • The number of guest editors may be three at most for a special issue.
  • Need to arrange timely and quality controlled peer-reviewed process for all submitted manuscripts by the publication policy of Thinkershub Journal.
  • Need to write a one-page editorial to be published in the special issue.
  • Must obey all other publication and copyrights policies of Thinkershub Journal.

As the project may be rejected, or you may be asked to revise the proposal, please ensure that all authors are aware that their contribution may not be required.

Submit a proposal via our submission portal.

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